by Captivator

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released February 23, 2015

Produced/Mixed/ Mastered by Austin Coupe



all rights reserved


Captivator Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Finite
who's to say,
who's to say that i was the one to blame.
i have no shame.
with all this aimless pain, why cant it just all go away?
why cant it just go away?
who are we to say exactly where we go?
who said our souls have to be white as snow?
i am who i am, and i'll fake the light till the inevitable end.
Track Name: Control
a common misconception.
i have a heart, and a soul, and a conscience.
i have control.
these bones are now breaking.
i have kept this secret buried.
i've kept it buried for so long.
i began to believe my own lies,
hiding my ugly face behind a smiling mask when my eyes show another truth.
these eyes show another truth.
i am a monster. i am the victim. i am two.
but which one will i choose?
this creature in my heart, oh please just make it stop.
this feeling is so foreign.
my mind is silent till the blood drops.
its over, this silence is over.
help me pick up the pieces.
remember me?
the one you fought so hard to hide, the tortured soul.
the creature that you keep inside, it has taken control.
say goodbye.
say goodbye to who used once knew.
i am the monster, the victim. i am two.
Track Name: Jukai (Ft. Jorge Sotomayor)
overwhelming silence, im engulfed by the mawkish.
feeding these demons.
feeding these demons, im lost in the darkness.
how did i get here?
this sanctuary which you lay my life.
can they hear me breathing?
or am i counting every single breath?
is this the door,
is this the door to an endless abyss?
or is it to infinite bliss?
these blood stained branched are screaming my name.
they are screaming my name.
mother help me, the screams get louder, the noose gets tighter.
bones and broken lives at my feet.
have i been here before? because i cant tell if this is real anymore.
have i been here before?
i cannot think, i cannot see.
tied around my neck and barely letting me breathe. im getting closer to my resting place, so the man that i used to be can now rest in peace.
please tell me, does death still make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?
if no one can hear me.
Track Name: Submerged
how can you sit and stare?
im drowning in a pool of blood, sweat, and tears that you left me in begging for help.
with a mouth full of pride its so hard to get the screams out.
you're letting go of every single fucking word that you said.
my heart's a sinking ship.
this hole im in, its an endless pit.
my lugs are caving in.
and my heart is on my skin.
how could you watch me cringe with your every whim.
faithless, thats all you ever though of me.
im nothing more than an empty shell of the man that you used to see.
of who you used to see.
this water is my grave to which you lay me in.
its oddly comforting to know that the pain will go away.
why is it the hands that pull me up, are the same ones that hold me down?
so here's my final request, remember me for what i was, not what i am.
Track Name: Derelict
here we are, filling space, fulfilling an unsaid purpose.
one gust of wind and it all goes to waste.
why cant the good just stay?
insanity has taken its toll.
one by one, each grain of sand falls thru
to the creation of a worthy life.
to the creation of a worthy strife.
i can feel it coming, the judgement of the innocent.
i foresee us falling,
searchig higher for grasp, fighting harder to fulfill this task.
i can see it coming.
what happens when, what happens when the last ones fall?
where will i be if, if it all goes wrong?
where will i be?
who do i live for?
oh god, what do i stand for?
breathe it in, breathe in your life while it lasts.